Willie Walsh, Director General IATA and Former CEO IAG

“John Strickland is an independent specialist in the world of aviation. Whenever I have met him it is clear that his knowledge and experience of the airline industry gives him a genuine understanding of the challenges we face. I would recommend him”

Tim Clark, President Emirates Airline

“John Strickland is an experienced aviation professional whose insight and knowledge of the industry is truly extensive. He has interviewed me on a number of occasions in public forums and I have found my interaction with him both stimulating and challenging. These interviews have been conducted in an incisive but friendly manner creating a high level of audience interest”

Alex Cruz, Former CEO and Chairman British Airways

“John has a clear understanding of our industry fundamentals and is able to apply them time and time again in different business situations. He is a well respected figure in our industry, his opinions matter and his expertise has been very helpful to us in the past”

CAROLYN 06 - crop

Carolyn McCall, Former CEO of easyJet

“John has a deep and detailed knowledge of the aviation industry based on both personal experience and strategic understanding. Discussing industry issues with John is always both insightful and challenging.”

Fiona Jeffery OBE, Former Chairman World Travel Market

“John Strickland has been involved in the development and fronting of World Travel Market’s aviation programme for for several years. He is a true professional who is committed to delivering insightful, stimulating events attracting the highest calibre of speaker and providing excellent business intelligence to industry professionals. He is also a delight to work with”

Christine Ourmières Widener, CEO TAP Portugal

“I have found him to be an incredible source; from his knowledge of the industry to his resources in founding and cementing relationships with regional aviation communities. I can also say from years of experience that John is a great professional. I would not hesitate to suggest his services.”

Thomas Juin, Président Union des Aéroports Français (Directeur de l’Aéroport de La Rochelle-Ile de Ré)

“Depuis plusieurs années ,l’expertise de John Strickland a permis à de nombreux aéroports français de développer leur trafic et d’ouvrir de nouvelles routes. Il obtient des développements qui durent dans le temps. Cette réussite lui permet aujourd’hui de bénéficier de la confiance des compagnies aériennes en Europe, ce qui est un atout déterminant dans notre secteur”

 Sue Emmett, Former Senior Producer for BBC National News for transport stories on BBC TV, Radio and On Line

“John was often my first port of call on aviation stories. Invaluable for informed and well considered background information, he also has the knack of condensing complex information into a sound bite. A highly credible and reliable media performer.”

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